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PCI Compliance Can Mean Increased Conversion Rates

Can PCI Compliance Boost Conversion Rates?

In addition to providing great products and services, trust is one of the most essential aspects of successful businesses. Whether it’s a Main Street store front or a company that does all its business using the internet, developing trust and credibility cannot be overlooked. More trust and confidence means more sales. For an online merchant, PCI compliance can have an impact that goes beyond remaining in good standing with credit card processors. Staying on top of PCI standards and keeping visitors informed about it by clearly displaying trust seals can increase both customer trust and conversion rates. A win-win for everyone.

It is true that anyone can dream up an idea, develop a website and start a business. It’s one of the great things about technology these days. The truth is, however not all of those businesses–no matter how well intentioned–will succeed. To be perfectly honest, a good deal of them will fail. What separates the failures from thriving online businesses isn’t always services or products. Very often, it is the fact that the successes make a priority out of website security. With Trust seals and PCI compliance, they establish customer trust and convert more visitors into sales.

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