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Website Security Can Increase Conversion Rates

Can PCI Compliance Increase Conversion Rates?

The services or products you provide could be the best in your field. Your website could be easily accessible, beautifully thought out and planned and the perfect place to display what you want to sell. You may have all those things going for you, but at the end of your customers’ visits, if they don’t feel like they can supply their credit card or bank information confidently, the sale won’t happen. It’s critical for credit card companies to know that you’re doing everything you can to maintain PCI standards, but it’s equally important for visitors to know that the web site they’re shopping on has taken those extra measures to keep their information secure.

These days, just about any body with a basic knowlege of the internet can put together a website for their business. At the very least, someone who can access Google or Yahoo can track down a website developer to create one for them. But a web site that looks great, even with all the extras and features, won’t turn visitors into customers if they don’t feel good about giving personal financial information at the end of the sale. If web site security isn’t a priority, your web site conversion rates won’t ever increase.

With internet shopping becoming more common, most people are savvy enough to look for sites that are safe. With the very real threat of identity and financial theft in the back of their minds, customers could be reluctant to shop online anyway. If it doesn’t seem like you have made their safety a priority, regardless of how many visitors you have, will not convert into sales.

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