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PCI Compliance and Website Security Can Increase Conversion Rates

Can Conversion Rates Go Up With The Help Of PCI Compliance?

With shopping online becoming more common all the time, people are smart enough to look for sites that are secure. With the very real danger of identity theft in the back of their minds, people may be nervous to do their shopping online in the first place. If they don’t feel like your company has taken real steps to keep their information safe, regardless of how many visitors you have, won’t convert to sales.

In addition to providing great products and services, one of the most essential elements of successful businesses is trust. Whether it’s a store front on Main Street or a company that conducts all its business on the internet, developing credibility and trust cannot be ignored. More customer trust means more sales. For an online retailer, PCI compliance can have an impact that goes beyond simply staying in good standing with credit card processors. Staying on top of PCI standards and keeping visitors informed about it by prominently displaying trust seals can boost both conversion rates an customer trust.

Internet merchants, especially those who store credit card information, have a responsibility to build a protected place for online shopping to happen. PCI compliance is a requirement for those business owners who store financial information like credit cards and bank information during purchases. Conforming to and staying on top of PCI standards keeps your site in good standing, but benefits can go beyond that. Displaying a trust seal that states that you’re keeping up with PCI standards can go a long way in giving customers confidence that your website will keep their information safe. And confident visitors will mean more sales and higher conversion rates.

It is true that just about anyone can think of an idea, throw a website together and start a business. It’s one of the great things about technology now days. But the truth is not everyone–no matter how well intentioned–will succeed. To be perfectly honest, many of them aren’t going to make it. The thing that separates the failures from successful online businesses isn’t always services or products. Very often, it is the fact that the successes make website security a high priority. Through PCI compliance and trust seals, they develop customer trust and conversion rates and sales increase.

In this day and age, just about any body who has a basic understanding of the internet can set up a web site for their business. At the very least, anyone who can access Google can track down a website developer to create one for them. But a web site that looks great, even with all the bells and whistles, won’t make customers out of visitors if they don’t feel safe providing personal financial information at the end of the sale. If website security isn’t made a high priority, your web site conversion rates will never go up.

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