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PCI Compliance and Website Security Can Mean Higher Conversion Rates

Can Conversion Rates Increase With PCI Compliance?

In this day and age, just about any body with a working knowledge of the internet can put together a website for their business. At the very least, someone that has access to Google or Yahoo can get a site designer to build one for them. But an amazing looking site, even with all the bells and whistles, won’t turn visitors into customers if they don’t feel secure giving financial information. If web site security isn’t made a top priority, your website conversion rates won’t go up.

Along with offering amazing products and services, one of the most crucial elements of successful businesses is trust. Whether it’s a store front on Main Street or a company that does all its business online, developing trust cannot be overlooked. More customer trust means more sales. For an internet retailer, PCI compliance can have an impact that goes beyond remaining in good standing with credit card processors. Conforming to PCI standards and telling visitors you are doing so by clearly displaying trust seals can increase both conversion rates an customer trust.

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