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PCI Compliance and Website Security Can Kick Up Conversion Rates

Can PCI Compliance Boost Conversion Rates?

Along with offering amazing products and services, one of the most essential elements of successful businesses is trust. Whether it’s a store front on Main Street or a company that conducts all its business using the internet, cultivating credibility and trust is something that can’t be disregarded. More trust and confidence means more sales. For an internet retailer, PCI compliance can make an impact that goes beyond remaining in good standing with credit card companies. Conforming to PCI standards and telling visitors you’re doing so by clearly displaying trust seals can boost both customer trust and conversion rates. A win-win for everyone.

It’s true that just about anyone can come up with an idea, develop a website and start a business. It’s one of the great things about technology now days. It’s also true that no matter how well intentioned, not all of those businesses will succeed. In fact, many of them won’t make it. What separates the failures from successes isn’t always services or products. Very often, it is because successful businesses make website security a high priority. Using Trust seals and PCI compliance, they establish customer trust and in turn conversion rates and sales increase.

Business websites, especially those who take credit card information, have a responsibility to create a safe place for internet purchases to happen. For those business owners who store any kind of financial information during purchases, PCI compliance is a requirement. Maintaining and fulfilling PCI standards keeps your site in good standing, but benefits can go beyond staying current with credit card companies. Displaying a trust seal stating that you’re keeping up with PCI standards can make all the difference in giving visitors confidence that your website will keep their information safe. And secure visitors mean higher conversion rates and more sales.

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