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PCI Compliance and Website Security Can Mean A Kick In Conversion Rates

Will Conversion Rates Increase With PCI Compliance?

Internet merchants, especially those that take credit card information, have a responsibility to build a protected place for online purchases to happen. PCI compliance is a requirement for those business owners who store financial information in the purchasing process. Maintaining and fulfilling PCI standards keeps your site in good standing, but benefits can go beyond that. Prominently displaying a trust seal stating that you’re keeping up with PCI standards can go a long way in giving visitors confidence in your web site’s security. And confident visitors mean more sales and higher conversion rates.

The services or products you provide could be the best on the web. Your web site may be magnificently planned and thought out, easily accessible to visitors and the perfect place to show the world what you want to sell. All of that may be in your favor, but if customers don’t feel like they can confidently hand over their bank information, the sale won’t happen. It’s critical for the credit card companies to know that you are keeping up with PCI standards, but it’s equally important for potential customers to know that they’re shopping on a secure site.

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