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PCI Compliance and Website Security Can Mean A Kick In Conversion Rates

Could PCI Compliance Help Conversion Rates Go Up?

Along with offering fantastic products and services, trust is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. Whether it’s a Main Street store front or a company that does all its business using the internet, cultivating trust and credibility is something that can’t be overlooked. Better trust means better conversion rates . For an internet business, PCI compliance can have an impact that goes beyond remaining in good standing with credit card processors. Conforming to PCI standards and informing shoppers you’re doing so by clearly displaying trust seals can boost both customer trust and conversion rates. A win-win for everyone.

The services or products you provide could be the best in your field. Your web site could be wonderfully planned and thought out, easily accessible and the perfect place to show the world what you want to sell. You may have all of that in your favor, but if customers don’t feel like they can supply their credit card or bank information with confidence, the sale won’t happen. It’s critical for credit card companies to know that you’re keeping up with PCI standards, but it’s equally important for visitors to know that the website they’re shopping on has taken those extra measures to keep their information secure.

These days, anyone with a basic understanding of the internet can put together a business website. At the very least, anyone who can navigate Google or Yahoo can hire a web site developer to create one for them. But a site that looks amazing, even with all the extras and features, won’t make visitors into customers if they don’t feel good about handing over their personal financial information. If website security isn’t made a top priority, your web site conversion rates will never increase.

It is true that just about anyone can think of an idea, throw a website together and call themselves a business. Technology now days makes business a possibility for everyone. The other side of it is that no matter how well intentioned, not all of those businesses will succeed. In fact, a good deal of them aren’t going to make it. The thing that separates the failures from thriving online businesses isn’t always products or services. Very often, it is that successful companies make website security a real priority. With the help of PCI compliance and trust seals, they gain customer trust and conversion rates and sales increase.

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