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Creating a Comprehensive Plan

Website Conversion

If you fail to plan…well, you know the rest. I’ll confess that in my wood shop class, decades ago, I hated the planning stage and as a result, my projects were simple and they honestly didn’t turn out very well. Some of my friends saw the value in painstakingly drawing out every detail and their projects (bird feeders, balance boards, chess sets, etc.) are probably still in use today. Don’t skimp on planning and again, include the key departments in this critical step. In your first meeting, briefly present a summary of what has been done before, in and out of your company before starting an open-forum discussion. Benchmarking data can save time and keep things focused on plausible solutions. You’ll need focused discussion if you hope to create a detailed plan.

Imagine how much money, time and human life would be wasted if NASA sent manned space craft into the cold, blackness of space without meticulous planning. Most of the problems in space exploration were discovered and resolved on paper long before blastoff. That’s exactly when you want your problems remedied; long before your towering investment dollars and your company’s reputation are on the launch pad. You will also want to make your outcomes measurable so they can be evaluated easily in the first weeks and months. If it weren’t for gauges and warning lights, the Apollo 13 flight crew would not have known their craft was losing power, fuel and oxygen. Knowing early on will enable you to make small adjustments and avoid major losses later. The plan will be the scaffolding upon which you will all climb during the implementation stage –take time to make it strong.

Next week: Why defining website conversion is important.

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