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Implementation and Regular Evaluation

Website Conversion Part 3

Whether you think the story of Noah and the Ark is just a great story or a literal part of our history, you will probably agree that he didn’t build that enormous ship all by himself. Now, your website conversion strategy might not be equate-able to Noah’s Ark but it will require buy-in and diligence to make it work. I imagine Noah had real buy-in from all eight passengers. There were many reasons they had to be fully committed, one of which was that all those animals needed regular attention.

Once you’ve implemented your website conversion plan and things are starting to happen, you will need to “tend the animals” at least weekly. Depending on what type of business you run, you might see an immediate increase in conversion or you might not recognize the change until you compare several weeks of data. You’ll probably have to demonstrate that painful blend of attentiveness and patience. Stick to the plan! Try to make adjustments in support of your plan, rather than going back to old ways before the new strategy can start working for you. Be courageous and decisive when adjustments are needed -don’t make changes as a result of impatience. Remember, you put a lot of effort into this process and it is very unlikely that you will come up with a better solution in a moment of doubt. As with Noah, you might experience an increase in rain before you see any evidence that your plan is going to work out.

Next week: How knowing your history can help with conversion.

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