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Knowing Your History

Website Conversion Part 4

As a young teenager in my first wood shop class, I learned that constructing any project required a plan. We spent the first several weeks of the term drawing shapes and then designing our first projects. Every plan started with a single line on a paper and that first line had a specific starting point and end point. If I positioned the ruler to touch both points, the line would add strength to the plan, all other methods resulted in extra work or starting over. Another aspect of successful website conversion is taking the time to connect your past efforts to the present situation and your current position with your end-state goals.

It is important to evaluate, to some degree, what you have done in the past to increase conversion. Granted, you ought to have a new definition of conversion at this point but it shouldn’t be too difficult to identify those past strategies which have some application to the new definition. Don’t over analyze the historical data but take time, at least, to dig up a few bulbs before tilling the old garden under. You don’t want to replicate any past mistakes if you can avoid it.

If you don’t have a significant history to glean from, this is a great time to research other companies and methods. It’s always best to stand on the shoulders of giants –learning from their successes and challenges. Spend the effort to understand the companies you study, however. There may be underlying reasons they did or did not benefit from certain strategies. A superficial glance at their activities and performance could be more dangerous than helpful if you plan to follow them. Always keep in mind that your company is unique and any preset plan will need tweaking. Don’t hesitate to create your own hybrid –taking the best from several sources. There’s no such thing as the perfect plan but your strategy can nevertheless be brilliant with a little study and adaptation.

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