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How To Get Guest Bloggers

Computer problemIf you have a blog for your business, you know that constantly creating new content can be tiring and time consuming. Having guest bloggers write content for your blog is a great way to bring fresh content and a fresh voice. Here are some ways that you can get guest bloggers.

One way is to grow your readership. In order to entice guest bloggers, you need to show that readers are excited to read the content on your blog. Guest bloggers want to reach as many readers as possible, so the bigger the blogger, the bigger audience they will require.

Another way to get guest bloggers is to offer incentives. You can offer to include a link to their blog or website as a good incentive. You can also advertise for guest bloggers. If you place a tab on your blog saying “write for us” this will let bloggers know that you are looking for guests.

If you have a more established blog, you can start a writing competition to choose a guest blogger for your site. Let those that want to participate in the competition know that this is a great way for them to reach a larger audience.

Lastly, be sure that your blog is constantly updated. No one will want to write for a blog that hasn’t had any new content in months. Be sure that you have good relationships and friends online. Reaching out on social media is a great way to track down an expert to be a guest blogger for you.

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