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Mobile Shopping Apps To Inspire You

If you have an ecommerce site you should consider creating a mobile shopping app to boost sales. Mobile shopping apps are fast growing in this world of smartphones and tablets. In an article from Epic Ecommerce, they list some of the top shopping apps that really do it right. They are all good examples of easy navigation, smart design, and social interaction. Check them out.

mobile shopping appTopHatter – This is a live auction shopping app. Users bid on or post items for sale. The site design is fun and full of pictures.

Modcloth – Their mobile shopping app is just as exciting as their online shopping website. Users can access a Fit for Me option that allows them to enter their measurements to find the perfect fit. They also have a style gallery where users post pics of themselves in their latest ModCloth finds.

Polyvore – This app is designed to be your personal shopper. You enter in your taste fashion and design and it will recommend items from home decor to clothing.

Etsy – Their mobile app is just as great as their shopping website as well. The app has great graphics and is easy to navigate.

Read more about these apps and see screenshots of the mobile sites here: Mobile Shopping Apps with Designs That Inspire.

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