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Obstacles to Online Conversion

You know that increasing online conversion rates will increase your profit. But even if your testing and making changes and testing again you might not be getting the positive results. Conversion is all about the visitor taking action and ultimately becoming your customer. There are obstacles you may need to eliminate in order for this to happen and these obstacles can come in a few different forms.obstacles

Physical obstacles – Physical obstacles are just what they seem. Are you streamlining the checkout process by eliminating unnecessary steps such as entering their email address or having to opt out of becoming a “member” on your site? Be sure your call to action buttons are the most noticeable buttons on your site.

Fear obstacles – Your customers need to feel safe to make purchases on your site. Don’t let your customers be afraid, make the feel safe by taking the steps needed to help protect them and their identities. Be sure your site is PCI compliant and that it presents a trust seal from a reputable company.

Multimedia obstacles – There is nothing more annoying than timing out on a site because it is trying to load excessive visual data or excessive advertising. Potential customers get frustrated on a site that depends on flash players that not everyone has. Keep it simple and universal.

3 Obstacles to Conversions|EpicEcommerce

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