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Protect Your Online Business On Cyber Monday

cyber monday hackersIf you own an online business or if you just like to shop online, you know that Cyber Monday is a big day to score great deals. But hackers know that this is a day that many people will be online too. They look at it as a day to take advantage of online businesses that haven’t protected themselves well.

Unfortunately, you don’t even have to be skilled to be a hacker these days. Hackers can buy hacking kits that do all the dirty work for them. Hackers use bot nets to scan thousands of websites at a time and search for vulnerabilities in your system. Hackers even use hashtags like #cybermonday to link to spam and phishing attacks.

If you are a shopper, be aware that hackers often set up social media sites and post “too good to be true” Cyber Monday sales just to steal credit card and other private information from shoppers.

So what do you do to keep the hackers away on Cyber Monday, or any other day? Protect yourself by creating strong passwords, keeping your software up to date, training your staff in internet security, and most importantly, setting up a cyber security protection plan such as Trust Guard Security Scanned.

How To Protect your Ecommerce Site From Hackers This Cyber Monday|Epic Ecommerce Tools

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