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Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches Of 2015

cyber attackIt’s no surprise that with the advancements in technology, data breaches are inevitable. 2015 was no disappointment when it came to security breaches. It seemed that just as one data breach was reported, another had made the headlines. EpicEcommerce compiled a list of the top 5 cyber attacks/data breaches of 2015.

Ashley Madison – This adult website’s data breach in July, 2015, exposed personal information of 32 million users.

Anthem Blue Cross – This large insurance company’s database was hacked in February 2015. More than 80 million people’s social security numbers, email addresses and more where leaked.

VTech – In late November 2015, it was revealed that this toy manufacturer neglected to encrypt the data of 6.4 million children. This lead to the exposure of names, genders, birthdates and other private data of these children.

OPM – The Office of Personnel Management was hacked in July 2015 and 21 million people’s sensitive information was affected by it.

FBI Portal Breach – The FBI’s portal was hacked in November 2015 and sensitive information on arrestees was stolen.

The Top Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches Of 2015|EpicEcommerceTools.com

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