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Ways To Promote Your Ecommerce Blog

If you’ve got a great ecommerce blog that contains great content for readers, you may be wondering exactly what steps you should take to promote it.  You do want people to read it after all, right?  In an article from Epic Ecommerce blog, Karen Schmidt lists 5 effective ways to promote your ecommerce blog. 

Share – Share your content on social media and through email.

Quote – Use quotes or interviews from other ecommerce experts for your blog and mention them on social media.

Link – Link your blog on all your social media sites.

Highlight – Make sure the blog button is clear and visible on the top of your website.

Segment – Segment your email list into what people are interest in reading about so you don’t send info to them that they don’t care about.

Karen also shares some links and infographics for more great tips.  You can find those here: Amazingly Effective Ways To Promote Your Ecommerce Blog|Epic Ecommerce.

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