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What Is Mousejacking?

mousejackingAn article from EpicEcommerce author, Karen Schmidt, refers to the latest ploy for hackers to steal information.  According to research firm Bastille, “mousejacking” is the word being used to describe how hackers use wireless mice or keyboards to access computers and steal information.

Through their security research, Bastille discovered that “you can send out a wireless signal that pretends to be a wireless mouse…. Then, you can have a that fake wireless mouse pretend to be a wireless keyboard, and start controlling someone’s computer”, from this article from CNET.com. Wireless keyboards use encryption, but mice don’t always use encrypted signals.

Read more about this new hacker trend “mousejacking”  and check out a list of affected devices in Epic Ecommerce’s article here: Wireless Mice and Keyboards Latest Tools in Hackers’ Arsenal: Report.



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