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How Trust Seals Will Increase Your Online Conversion Rates

There are many trust seals on the market today. That’s because online consumers have never been so cautious about shopping online as they are now.

One company provides Security Verification Seals, Privacy Verification Seals, and Business Verification Seals – because shoppers are concerned about all three areas of website identity.

It makes sense for us as website owners to remove all the fear, doubt, and suspicion that accompanies making a buying decision online. When there is no hesitation to do what we want our online visitors to do, our conversion rates will increase.

Online consumers worry about the security of our websites: Are they safe? Will I get a virus? Do they scan daily for vulnerabilities so that hackers won’t get in and steal my personal information?

They worry about the privacy of the our websites: If I give them my email address, will I wake up tomorrow with 50 emails from companies I’ve never heard of?

They worry about our integrity as business owners: Is it a trustworthy business? If there is an issue with my purchase, will I be able to contact someone?

There are several ways that trust seals give consumers the peace of mind they need to trust us as website owners. They can see on the seals the date of the last time that our websites were verified. Also included on the trust seals are the names of our websites – customized exclusively for each particular company.

They can click on the seals and view the certificates that the trust seal company provides that show when our websites have been verified. The certificates will also show that the websites have passed the daily vulnerability scans – which everyone knows is the first line of defense in keeping our websites safe from hackers and outside attacks.

Online consumers can also view our phone, email, and physical address on the certificates, so that they know that they will be able to get a hold of us should the need arise. The trust seal company also provides their information, so that if for some reason we as website owners do not resolve a disagreement with a customer in a timely fashion, they can help.

It’s really pretty simple. When we as website owners increase the amount of traffic that trusts us, more people will do what we want them to do. One of the most productive ways to achieve high levels of trust with online consumers is to display trust seals on our websites.

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