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AJ The Internet Master!

Not everyone can take a website from $500.00 a month to an online empire that grosses 2.5 million dollars a year. But AJ has done just that. The nice thing about it is, AJ is this great kind hearted guy that gets excited about helping the rest of us succeed.

Would you like to know AJ’s secret? You’ll probably be disappointed when I tell you that he didn’t hire a rocket scientist or the top SEO company. No, it was much more simple than that. In fact it was so simple and relatively inexpensive that most of us haven’t even considered it. We are all so busy trying to get website traffic that we can’t concern ourselves with getting better online conversion.

Well, AJ had some visitors to his site, but he just wasn’t converting them into customers the way he wanted, so he did what most of us won’t do. AJ decided it was time to figure out why. That is when he started A/B split testing everything on his home page and little by little things started to change and with in a few short months (I’m sure it felt like a life time to AJ) he had increased his website conversion from .9% to an impressive 3.91%.

Would you like to hear more? There is a great interview with AJ posted on ABsplitTesting.com where AJ talks about A/B split testing and how it helped him get to where he is today. This is one of those priceless interviews where after you’ve heard it you say to yourself “Wow, if only I’d heard this sooner”.

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