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A/B Split Testing Pro and Online Conversion

Wouldn’t it be nice to convert more of your visitors to paying customers? That’s one of the topics I want to focus on with this blog. However, I don’t just want to talk about it I want to do it and when I done I will let you know the results, and I invite you to do the same. In the end everyone who reads this blog should know more about improving online conversion and our collective sites should be converting a lot better.

There are several A/B split testing programs available and prices range from $49 to $5000+ so it is worth it to see what’s available. I have done just that and recommend Split Testing Pro it is easy to install (the auto install feature has the program running in about a minute) it is priced at only $99 so it won’t break the bank. Plus the “Top 5 Sales Conversion Strategies ” is a real asset, it’s full of ideas to help you on the way to better website conversion, and it’s free.

No matter what program you choose, get started testing today!

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