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It’s All in the Marketing

The exchange of information has exploded since the beginning of the Internet, business possibilities have become endless, with ingenuity at a clever height.  Just when I think I can’t be impressed anymore, I stumble on something of creative web genius.  Simplicity is something I have always had a hard time grasping, because those ideas-the simple ones-are sometimes the most clever and lucrative.  How is this for an idea:  Everyone has one area of interest where they can consider themselves an expert. Sound simple enough?  Well imagine a business based entirely on the idea that everyone has something they know, and everyone has something they want to learn.  Free IQ is a very innovative business taking ideas, and making it into a business EVERYONE can benefit from. 

How does Free IQ work exactly?  Well just think, everyone knows something they could consider themselves an expert.  Maybe you know how to bake the very best cookies on earth, or maybe you are an excellent salesman?  Perhaps you have a business that you would like to market online, but you need to learn how?  Free IQ is the place to teach and learn, accurately referring to itself as a “market place of ideas”.

Basically, Free IQ is a site where people can post articles, e-books, videos, or audios that anyone can view for free!  After viewing the material of your choice (they are not bits of info they are full seminars etc) If you like what you watch/hear/read you have the means right in front of you to purchase additional materials through the website.  Free IQ has a special search algorithm that is patented to assist you in finding the best info available, and I must admit it is a rather impressive system that doesn’t just rank the most viewed content, but rather searches for the highest quality content to ensure you are getting the most helpful information possible.

Signing up for a free account is quick and easy if you want to learn from the content.  If you wish to display your knowledge, Free IQ will host and streamline your content for free, so you don’t have to worry about it!  Now, how cool is that?  All they charge is a small percentage (like 5% of your sale) and a credit card fee, which is beneficial to you, not having to deal with the headache.

Lastly, one of the most interesting things that Free IQ offers is their affiliate marketing program, which makes it possible for you to make money by referring other people to the site.  All you have to do is refer others to Free IQ, and if they sign up with a free account, you get a percentage of all the purchases that they make for a whole year. One of my favorite things about Free IQ is that anyone can be a provider of some kind of knowledge, everyone can learn something at some point, and then there are those that don’t wish to do either, but can still create a business with the idea of referring people to other’s with initiative.

Since everyone is able to benefit from the site as a consumer, supplier, or both, it doesn’t seem like it will be long before Free IQ is a household name.  The “marketplace for idea’s” will surely explode as an innovative new way to market skill and knowledge, and if nothing else-a great idea. 

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