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My Business with Trust Guard

When I started my gift site “for fun”, I had initially done so without putting a lot of thought into the time and money potentially spent on such a venture.  Quickly I learned that in order to continue doing what I loved, I would have to turn my “hobby” into a lucrative endeavor, or else stop doing it.  It didn’t take me long to put together a page of things customers would like to buy, and since it was already in demand it seemed like it would be a piece of cake to sell.  I was wrong. 

Regardless of the fact that people were visiting us over, and over again, we did not sell much at all.  After speaking with some friends who have an extremely successful Internet company, I realized just how important trust could be when dealing with potential customers.  They told me that 88% of Internet users view keeping their information safe as one of the most important things they consider before making any purchase.  It took me a while to find a successful solution, but when I did it worked wonders. 

Trust Guard specializes in website verification, and certification seals which builds website credibility.  When they advertised that they could raise a sites conversion rate by 15% or more, they weren’t kidding.  I learned that there are three major customer concerns that must be addressed by website owners:  Security, Privacy, and Identity.  A customer wants to know that their financial information is safe and secure, they want their privacy respected, and they want to know the identity of the people they are giving sensitive information to.  Trust Guard focuses on all three of these vital areas, and helps the website owner build trust with their customers, thus increasing conversion.  

Very shortly after using Trust Guard I started to see sales increase, and our conversion rate continues to grow to this day.  In fact, now I won’t use a website that doesn’t have Trust Guard seals, because without it I can’t trust it!  Their verification process ensures that the company is portraying itself to customers accurately.  To do this, they validate a company’s address, phone number, and email address using US Priority Mail (with double signature verification) or Global Priority Mail (if overseas), Phone Verification, Email Verification, and even more.  If you are doing business with them, you know it is safe and secure.  

If I hadn’t found them, I don’t think my gift site would be doing as well as it is now.  And I would have had to step away from my laptop and leave my writing for when I had time.  Now writing is my full-time job, and no longer a hobby, and there is nobody else to thank but Trust Guard, for allowing my customers to feel safe enough to keep us running!

-M Evans 

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